November 25, 2010

John Conyers is not a pervert; you just need your ass loosened

And probably kicked, too, but let’s take it one step at a time.

The most boring sex scandal in history has just broken. U.S. Congressman John Conyers (D-Michigan) has been “caught” reading Playboy while traveling on a commercial aircraft back in July. Make sure the children have left the room before you watch this filth:

Is your dick hard now? Mine neither. Yet somehow, these twelve seconds of minimalist erotica have inspired juvenile snickering in headlines like “Mr. Smut goes to Washington” and “Here Is John Conyers On An Airplane Fapping To Playboy Magazine.” If bloggers in the Year of our Lord Two Thousand and Ten still find Playboy too disgusting to read in public, they should at least begin their rants with, “I’m not a prude, but...,” thus indicating the same lack of self-awareness as those who say, “I’m not a racist, but....” It’s the decent thing to do.

June 16, 2010

I didn’t exactly learn rugged self-reliance, but at least I refused any more help from my mother

The post title gives the bad news and good news for my integrity as a libertarian from my experiences last month: six days of relatively easy homelessness followed miraculously by obtaining a one-bedroom apartment. For my 38th birthday on April 23, my mother had tried to restore my good will by mailing a check for a hundred dollars. I tore it up and threw it in the trash. To the best of my knowledge, she still insults me by refusing to change her mind about the enslavement of young Americans in the diabolical public school system. As worried as I was about money in April and May, I still refused any more help from a woman with no remorse about selling her own son down the river to a system ruled by bullies and bureaucrats—and helping my father feed me a load of “Families aren’t democracies” horseshit at home. Good for me. I take perverse glee in refusing to pay back the thousands in interest-free loans I coaxed from her since I was kicked out of my Sacramento slum apartment in 2008.

Yet somehow, despite my malice and mischief, my karma has been good enough for me to receive generous help from my case worker at the Arcata Endeavor, a philanthropic organization in the beautiful town where I now live. I owe a debt of gratitude to his hard work in getting me the apartment. In the meantime, I was lucky enough to spend every night of my brief period of homelessness at the Arcata homeless shelter, an agreeably small and informal affair where I was treated to free food and movies on the DVD player. Lord, why am I so bitter about my lot in life when I’ve had it so much better than I deserve? I admit it’s a fair question

After a few days of homelessness, the seemingly impossible happened: I got an apartment. The details of the story will have to wait until I have more access to the Internet. Anyway, you can stop worrying about me If you know of my libertarian political convictions, you can guess my answer to the question. Almost a year ago, I blogged about’s cowardly attack on the Tea Party movement. Filmmaker Nathanial Stuart interviewed African-American protesters at a Tea Party for the video below, which I discovered at Reason’s blog Hit & Run.

Fun facts about Playboy mansion

There are many people who have dreamed about a life in the Playboy mansion. With its charming women, festive ambiance and luxury décor, there is no wonder that men have been attracted to the impressive bachelor pad. Whether you are a female who looks up to their lifestyle, or you are a male fan of the ladies you see there and worship them on your blog, you will surely be interested in some fun facts that may surprise you.

Due to the large number of sexy residents, there are always high-profile visitors such as celebrities or famous athletes. From Charlie Sheen to David Hasselhoff or John Lennon, the house has been their favorite playground for a long time. Although they might enjoy lots of favors given their celebrity status, some of them have been banned from the mansion because they broke some rules just like Luke Wilson, who tried to sneak a pal with him in 2006.

It is very well known that the popular estate is home to numerous wild parties where you will see more gorgeous escort Paris per square inch, but what is more interesting is that the partygoers can celebrate alongside multiple exotic animals. As this property is one of the few ones that have a zoo license, you can walk among peacocks, bunnies, flamingos or visit the enormous cage of around 100 squirrel monkeys.

If you are a fireworks lover, you should know that Hugh Hefner’s palace is the only home in town that has a permit for these shows. With so many crazy festivities that take places here almost on every night, there is no doubt that the fireworks should match them. Spectacles like the ones on the fourth of July or the Halloween evening celebration make a hit every year with their pyrotechnic display which can be seen even from large distances.

The Playboy escorts are widely envied by lots of persons throughout the world due to the glamorous life they lead which includes beautiful cars, allowances or support for every cosmetic surgery. What most people do not know is that these women have a strict curfew when it comes to nights out. The staff in the house takes notice whenever an escort breaks it which sadly causes her to lose the $1000 weekly sum of money.

Everybody appreciates food, but you definitely never considered a bill for over one million dollars per year for the culinary experiences. You might be surprised but Hefner and his companions benefit from a 24 hour service from an army of chefs that reaches the number of 12. From special desserts to beverages, all the guest and residents of the mansion can satisfy their taste buds all day with freshly made drinks, snacks or meal courses.

The Playboy estate amazes everyone with its gothic style and the fun things that happened behind those walls. Acquired in 1971 by Hefner from a prominent chess player who also worked for NASA for merely one million dollars, these days the charming palace’ estimated market value is of $200 million. Despite the legendary image of the Playboy 29 room mansion, you should know that there are things that have advantages and disadvantages just like any other residence.